Light for Plant Health

This program is dedicated to developing sustainable disease management solutions using the latest lighting technologies to educate stakeholders on using light and other forms of optical energy to control plant diseases. 

Light can be used to promote healthy plant growth in controlled environments and in field applications. Visible and ultraviolet wavelengths can be used to inhibit plant pathogens and lighting strategies generally can enable growers to extract greater value from their crops. 

The Light and Health Research Center harnesses its expertise in physics and engineering to complement the work of plant health scientists. The goal of the Light for Plant Health program is to develop sustainable disease management solutions using the latest lighting technologies, apply research results in practice for a greater understanding of their applicability, and educate stakeholders on the use of lighting technologies to control plant diseases. 

In the News

LRx, LLC to Join as Inaugural Member of the Light for Plant Health Partnership

January 2024

LRx founding partner, Barry Muscatello, says “LRx is pleased to join the Light for Plant Health Partnership in the important mission of combating plant diseases and improving agricultural sustatinability. Working together, researchers from Mount Sinai and LRx will be working to commercialize sophisticated lighting technology to combat a range of plant diseases.” 

Press Release LRx-LHRC.pdf

Exploring Alternative Treatment for Apple Fire Blight Disease

May 2023

Fire blight of apple and pear trees is a bacterial disease which has been a concern since the colonial period in North America. We are studying the use of natural UV with titanium dioxide (TiO2) as an alternative to conventional treatments. Field studies are underway for the 2023 and planned for the 2024 growing seasons.

March 2023

Field trials at Kinderhook Creek Farm in Stephentown, New York, investigated the use of UV-C to treat powdery mildew on summer squash, specifically to discover whether leaf canopy agitation increases the efficacy of the UV treatments.

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