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December 2022

Happy Holidays!

As we wrap up this year, we want to highlight some of this year’s accomplishments.

Equal Lights: Projects Focused on Health Equity

Carol Horowitz, MD, MPH, Director of Mount Sinai’s Institute for Health Equity Research, discusses health inequities in the medical field and biases in devices.

Emergency Flashing Lights Survey

The Center is surveying how people understand flashing lights and vehicle marking colors used on emergency and maintenance vehicles.

Improving the Model for Predicting Circadian Phase

A model for predicting circadian phase from an individual’s light-dark exposure pattern was developed to help diagnose sleep problems due to circadian disruption.

November 2022

Full of Thanks

We are thankful for a year of research with in-person events, installing circadian-effective lighting in homes, and laboratory studies.

Lighting for Improving Sleep in Myeloma Transplant Patients

The magazine designing lighting published a follow up article showing how room lighting can help patients during hospitalization.

Alzheimer’s Association Presents a Mini-Caregiver Conference

On Monday, November 14, researchers attended the conference in Troy, New York to expand outreach on how light can affect individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers.

Other Events:

  • The Center’s Mark Rea, PhD presented the live webinar “Good Health and Well-Being by Design: Sensible Approaches to Light Pollution” on Thursday, October 27, 2022. See On-Demand Courses

October 2022

LHRC Holds Official Grand Opening

We invited our partners and members of the Mount Sinai community to the grand opening of our laboratory October 17-18, and interviewed attendees about their thoughts on the trajectory of current projects and initiatives.

Turning Light for Health Research into Practice

Mariana Figueiro, PhD, hosts a webinar course to discuss the latest research and show examples of applications.

Making Emergency Vehicle Lights and Markings Safer

Trials continue to look at conditions that convey information to drivers, and help them navigate past work zones and roadside emergencies without endangering first responders.

We Walked to End Alzheimer's Disease

On Saturday, October 1, members of our team joined the community in Albany, and again in NYC on Sunday, October 23.

Recent Awards and Publications:

September 2022

Finger on the Pulse-Ox

Pulse-oximeter measurements can underestimate cardiorespiratory risks for persons with dark skin pigmentation. Our team will investigate ways to eliminate these biases.

Do You Wear Sunglasses at Night?

Congratulations to researcher John Bullough, PhD, of the Light and Health Research Center, who recently published a book titled Understanding Glare in Exterior Lighting, Display, and Related Applications.

Having Trouble Finding Your Keys?

Know an older adult who struggles with memory loss and sleep?

Other News:

  • On Monday, September 26, at noon ET, we interview Bernard Camins, MD, about using ultraviolet radiation for hospital disinfection. Register Now

  • General Motors officially joins our Transportation Safety Partnership. Learn More

  • Last month, John Bullough, PhD, provided many insights into lighting techniques for cars and emergency vehicles. View the Recording

August 2022

Field Trials Using Germicidal Ultraviolet (UV) Begin

Field trials at Kinderhook Creek Farm in Stephentown, New York, investigate the use of UV-C to treat powdery mildew on summer squash, specifically to discover whether leaf canopy agitation increases the efficacy of the UV treatments.

Office Lighting Study in Capital Region

Our lab space is being put to good use with a grant from the Jim H. McClung Foundation to look at distribution, energy, glare, and circadian stimulus.

Online Courses Start in September

Registration for the Lighting Design and Light and Human Health courses close on Tuesday, September 6, and Friday, September 16, respectively.

Safety First

On Monday, August 29, John Bullough, PhD, discusses the important role lighting plays while driving during the day and night.

Partner Events

On Tuesday, July 26, we met with our light and health industry partners for our semi-annual meeting to discuss past and future projects. Want to join the conversation for our October 18-19 partners event?

Recent Awards and Events:

  • A new grant continues our work with multiple myeloma patients. Find Out More

  • We will use MRI to look at brain function of Alzheimer’s disease during light therapy. Learn More

  • How does light exposure contribute to cardiometabolic health and disease disparities? This Study Will Investigate

  • UL Solutions has become an official education partner. Read the Press Release

  • If you missed the webinar with Robert Wright, MD, MPH, the event was recorded. Check It Out

July 2022

The Light and Health Research Center Continues to Grow

Our Center recently welcomed multiple full-time staff employees and summer interns.

Assessing the Accuracy of Phone Illuminance Meter Apps

Ever wonder about the accuracy of smartphone illuminance meter apps? In the next episode of “A View From Mount Sinai,” apps were tested and analyzed.

It's a Complicated World Out There: Exposomics and Light

On Monday, July 25, at noon ET, Robert Wright, MD, MPH, is interviewed about how the environment affects life health, disease, and development.

McClung Lighting Research Foundation Funds New Grant

In an office simulation, the team will investigate the effects of luminaire intensity distribution on melatonin, glare, visibility, and energy.

Other Articles:

  • The Light and Health Research Center partnered with Women in Lighting Design to discuss health equity in lighting.

  • On Thursday, July 14, Mariana Figueiro, PhD, presented a virtual talk for The Center for Health Design’s “Icons and Innovators” webinar series. View the Event Details

  • Dr. Figueiro presented a talk to the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center about daylight’s impact on those living with the disease. Visit the Center’s Website

  • The past and present role of lighting research in the industry is discussed in the most recent designing lighting magazine. Read the Article

  • Dr. Figueiro recently contributed to Good Light Group’s blog discussing the impact of daylight exposure from electrochromic glass. Check Out the Article

June 2022

The Light and Health Research Center Visits the Farmers Market

The Light and Health Research Center team visited the Farmers Market in Troy, New York, to talk to the local community about our research into the effect of lighting on sleep and overall health.

Fee-Fi-Fo Fungicide: Light As a Natural Pesticide

Join the discussion on Monday, June 27, at noon ET when David Gadoury, PhD, is interviewed about using light to reduce plant diseases.

Skip the Nap: Consolidating Sleep for Older Adults

Mariana Figueiro. PhD, was interviewed about lighting for older adults.

Other Articles:

  • Congratulations to Mariana Figueiro, PhD, for being selected for the Judges Choice Award for Education and Research in the 2022 Women in Lighting Awards. See All Nominees

  • Circadian-effective lighting is not simply about how much light to provide; it also depends upon how long that light is provided. Check Out the Publication

  • Neonatology Today published the transcript for our video titled “A New Kind of Lullaby: Robust Light/Dark Pattern for Babies”. View the Magazine

May 2022

Making Flashing Police Lights More Helpful for Drivers

A Mount Sinai study looked at how police car lights in different settings can be adjusted to alert drivers without confusing them.

LHRC Welcomes New Partners

The LHRC is excited to announce the National Lighting Bureau and Mosheo as Lighting Education Partners.

Lighting to Transform Classrooms

Lighting has the ability to change the classroom environment. See how LHRC researchers began to look at the effects.

McClung Lighting Research Foundation Funds New Grant

Sleep disorders are a growing problem among teenage students. Episode 5 of A View from Mount Sinai explores how lighting can play a role.

Other Articles:

  • Are Illuminated Vehicle Logos Distracting? Read the study

  • The team made measurements and observations of projected road markings and adaptive driving beam headlights. View the results

  • There is still room in the Lighting Design Online Certificate Course. Register for the course

  • Interested in learning more about the latest research about how to use light to improve health and well-being? Register today

April 2022

Can Light Improve Sleep for Older Adults?

Join a research study to help determine if daytime light may improve sleep health.

Capturing Light at Night from Satellite Imagery

Experts discuss the significance of satellite imagery data to determine the effects of light at night on health and the environment.

A New Kind of Lullaby: Light/Dark Pattern for Babies

Randy Reid interviews Sofia Axelrod, PhD, about the implication of light and darkness, and its impact on the health of babies.

Perking Up the Office with Light

On Monday, April 25, Bryan Steverson of GSA is interviewed about office lighting techniques.

March 2022

Lab at the Light and Health Research Center Opens

The LHRC has officially opened! Here is a sneak peak of our workshop, human subjects lab, black and white labs, and assay lab spaces in Menands, New York.

Daylight Savings Time and Your Health

People are still talking about which is better: Daylight Saving Time or Standard Time. Experts explain some of the pros and cons of time changes

How Does Light Affect Your Health?

Mariana Figueiro, PhD, Director of the Center, participates in a discussion with the National Lighting Bureau and takes questions from the live audience.

How Light Improves Pedestrian Safety

Learn why traffic accidents involving pedestrians have been on the rise and how lighting can play a role in reducing these accidents.

Out of the Womb: Lighting Up the NICU

Robert White, MD, at Beacon Children’s Hospital, discusses changes in the newborn intensive care unit and how lighting can help.