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Video Blog Series

The Light and Health Research Center (LHRC) at Mount Sinai in partnership with the Lighting Agora has launch a new video blog “vlog” series beginning in January 2022. Each vlog will feature information focused on diverse areas of lighting research including human health, transportation safety, energy, plant health, new technologies, and other exciting areas of exploration in light.

Host: Dan Frering

Video Editor: Charles Jarboe, MS

Episode 1: Intro to the LHRC

In the initial episode, host Dan Frering introduces the viewer to their new laboratory and state-of-the-art research center near Albany, New York as we get a sneak peek at what will include a fully equipped photometry laboratory, human-subjects research capabilities, a design and application workshop, and space to host conferences, seminars, and other educational programs. In addition to laboratory research, the LHRC frequently conducts field research aimed at better understanding the application of light in a wide range of real-world settings. The episode closes with Dan interviewing Director Mariana Figueiro, PhD on the move to Mount Sinai and moving forward.

Episode 2: Lighting for Pedestrian Safety

Traffic crashes involving pedestrians have been rising at an alarming rate over the past several years and have increased dramatically since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this episode we discuss some possible reasons for this increase and the role that lighting can play in improving visibility of pedestrians and potentially decreasing pedestrian injuries and deaths along streets and roadways at night.

Episode 3: Daylight Savings Time

There is currently some controversy over the twice-yearly switch to and from Standard Time and Daylight Saving Time. In this episode we explore the pros and cons of keeping one uniform time (either Standard Time or Daylight Saving Time) throughout the year in the US, and provide some helpful advice on dealing with the time change.

Episode 4: Satellite Imagery

While satellite imagery is improving and provides more exact information about the characteristics of light at night as seen from space, this episode explores the question of whether or not satellite imagery can provide useful information about the impacts that this nighttime light might be having on peoples’ health and on the environment.

Episode 5: Lighting to Support Students' Sleep

Sleep disorders are a growing problem among middle and high school students. This episode of A View from Mount Sinai explores the reasons for this and the role of light in promoting healthy sleep patterns for teenage students.

Episode 6: Light Measurement Apps

In this month's episode of A View from Mount Sinai, Dan Frering discusses the accuracy of smart phone apps in measuring light levels in various types of lighting applications.