Light for Energy Efficiency

This program aims to maximize the biological benefits per unit of electricity to reduce lighting’s negative impact on the environment. 

Energy Efficiency

The overarching goal of the Light for Energy Efficiency program is to maximize the effectiveness of lighting while minimizing its negative collateral effects on the people and the environment. 

In the News

BC Hydro to Join the Light for Energy Efficiency Partnership

March 2024

The Light for Energy Efficiency Partnership is pleased to welcome its newest partner: BC Hydro, one of the largest energy suppliers in Canada. “BC Hydro is very happy to support the LHRC’s energy partnership and develop LED lighting, advanced controls and new load management measures and strategies to achieve our energy conservation targets and reduce capacity restraints in our grid,” said Dr. Cristian Suvagau, BC Hydro’s Team Lead for Conservation & Energy Management Engineering.

Press Release - BC Hydro.pdf

Light for Energy Efficiency Partners and Sponsors


Program Director: Jennifer Brons, MS