Let's Talk About Light and Health

Education / Let's Talk About Light and Health

Monthly Q&A webinar series following interviews with experts in various topics of light and health

In 2022, the Light and Health Research Center (LHRC), working with the National Lighting Bureau (NLB), developed a monthly series that incorporated a variety of topics with experts in various backgrounds.

Hosted by: Randy Reid of the NLB
Produced by: Allison Thayer of the LHRC

Your Daily Light: How Does Light Impact Your Health?

Speaker: Mariana Figueiro, PhD

Out of the Womb: Lighting Up the NICU

Speaker: Robert White, MD

A New Kind of Lullaby: Robust Light/Dark Pattern for Babies

Speaker: Sofia Axelrod, PhD

Hold the Coffee: Perking Up the Office with Lighting

Speaker: Bryan Steverson, MA

Skip the Nap: Consolidating Sleep for Older Adults

Speaker: Mariana Figueiro, PhD

Fe-Fi-Fo Fungicide: Light as a Natural Pesticide

Speaker: David Gadoury, PhD

It's a Complicated World Out There: Exposomics and Light

Speaker: Robert Wright, MD, MPH

Safety First: Making Driving Less Lethal

Speaker: John Bullough, PhD

Beyond the Visible: UV Disinfection

Speaker: Bernard Camins, MD

Let's Get Deep: Lighting in Submarines

Speaker: Commander Christopher Steele, PhD

Equal Lights: Projects Focused on Health Equity

Speaker: Carol Horowitz, MD, MPH

Not Your Typical Design: Circadian-Effective Lighting

Speaker: Allison Thayer, MS